Vit.O.Best Whey Protein Monodosis 12 X 30 g Berries (Sport , Muscle mass , Proteins) tMxKQXlW

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Vit.O.Best Whey Protein Monodosis 12 X 30 g Berries (Sport , Muscle mass , Proteins) tMxKQXlW

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Product description It is composed exclusively concentrated whey protein as a protein source ultramicrofiltrado that gives us everything needed for a significant increase in muscle mass and also acts as an excellent regenerating muscle fibers after a high intensity workout. ? ?At the same time, it also strengthens the immune system, increases cellular hydration and neutralizes muscle catabolism. ? ?It is a protein of high quality containing no collagen, taurine, glycine, or milk powder only contains the concentrate better whey from Arla, a food multinational major dairy products and more guarantees Worldwide. ? ?Main benefits of Whey Protein 100% ? ?- increases muscle mass, increases the strength and endurance and speed recovery. ? ?- Contains 100% whey concentrate by ultramicrofiltration from Arla. ? ?- High in BCAAs and glutamine naturally. ? ?- New and delicious flavors and an instant solution. ? ?- Contains no added sugar or aspartame. ? ?How to use ? ?Open a bottle and add water until about 90% of the bottle capacity. ? ?Close and stir briefly until complete dissolution of visible dust. Take one or two times a day, preferably one after training. ? ?Whey Protein is advisable to take 100% after training to be the time when the body accepts ingested nutrients better while enabling faster recovery and increased protein synthesis. ? ?It is also advisable to take 100% Whey Protein morning to offset energy consumption and catabolism caused by the overnight fast.

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