SAN Bcaa Pro Reloaded 4:1:1 Ratio 90 Tablets (Sport , Muscle mass , Amino acids) Jf1Ti76D

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SAN Bcaa Pro Reloaded 4:1:1 Ratio 90 Tablets (Sport , Muscle mass , Amino acids) Jf1Ti76D

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Product description BCAA Pro Reloaded Tablets Highlights:- Convenient hydrosoluble tablets for fast recovery,- 1,050 milligrams of BCAAs per tablet,- L-Leucine-enhanced anabolic profile,- Highest BCAA ratio per tablet in the industry.Optimal Muscle Repair Requires Precise TimingAnyone who trains with extreme intensity has a few particular goals in mind Building strength, stamina and muscle size, and they all want that to happen quickly. That all happens as a result of adequate muscle repairRepairing muscle tissue requires proper nutrition with very specific building blocks for optimal amino acid balance. Timing the intake of these muscle-saving compounds immediately before and after training is crucial to muscle preservation and recovery.The Proven Ingredients Known to Promote Muscle GainsIts a well-know fact that L-Leucine, the primary ingredient in BCAA Pro Reloaded, has been proven to be the most anabolic of all essential amino acidsit controls the activation of protein synthesis in the body, and that means muscle growth. BCAA Pro Reloaded tablets deliver a higher ratio of BCAAs than any other product on the market. With 1,050 milligrams per serving, the ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine is an industry-leading 4:1:1.SAN has developed a highly soluble form of Branch Chained Amino Acids (iBCAA Solv) to ensure that youre able to quickly and conveniently get the highest levels of key BCAAs with maximum absorption. This guarantees the fastest muscle recovery possible.BCAA Pro Reloaded also contains 1mg of vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) per serving, which is a key element in amino acid metabolism. Vitamin B-6 plays an important role in the transport of amino acids into muscle cells.If youre looking for the ultimate take-anywhere weapon for preserving and building muscle, BCAA Pro Reloaded gives you the highest ratio of BCAAs in a highly bioavailable and easy-to-use tablet.

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