PhD Protein Flapjack+ Forrest Berries 12 Bars (Sport , Muscle mass , Proteins) 4vzDv9Hk

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PhD Protein Flapjack+ Forrest Berries 12 Bars (Sport , Muscle mass , Proteins) 4vzDv9Hk

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Product description What are PhD Protein Flapjack+ ?&nbspPhD Protein Flapjack+ is an ideal snack for any athlete looking to increase muscle mass and help replenish the body with quality, healthy calories after a hard bout of intense exercise or throughout the day to support an athletic lifestyle. Providing 19 grams of protein and featuring the versatile benefits of premium quality whey protein and milk protein isolate.&nbspProtein Flapjack+ Benefits&nbspPhD Protein Flapjack+ utilises finest rolled and malted oats for a sustained release of complex carbohydrates to help your body cope with the rigours of the athletic lifestyle and a serious training routine and contains less than 3g saturated fat, rather than the high fat content of regular flapjacks that are traditionally coated with margarine, vegetable oil and butter.&nbspProtein Flapjack+ also contains an amazingly low 2g of sugar, which is exceedingly low for a flapjack that tastes so good. The taste, texture and great convenience delivered to you by Protein Flapjack+ means that you can eat one at varying stages of the day, without sacrificing a healthy diet and nutritional plan.&nbspForget about flapjacks being a guilty pleasure, with PhD they can now be both a pleasure and a healthy athletic snack for those interested in building muscle and maintaining a serious nutritional plan. With 19g of protein and 37g of quality carbohydrates, Protein Flapjack+ really does deliver the next level of convenient nutrition.&nbspWho are Protein Flapjack+ suitable for?&nbspAthletes seeking to gain muscle massAnyone looking for a healthy, macronutrient rich snackStrength and endurance athletesAthletes looking for a high protein snack, high in complex carbohydrates.&nbsp

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