Lamberts Plus Unleized B100 Vitamin Complex 30 Tablets Gk2FHkiK

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Lamberts Plus Unleized B100 Vitamin Complex 30 Tablets Gk2FHkiK

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Product description Lamberts Plus Complex Vitamin B100 60 tablets B vitamins are a group of water-soluble (water-soluble) nutrients that participate in a variety of physiological processes. Although each vitamin has specific functions, many of them are functionally related and act synergistically in the body. For this reason, it is often recommended to use a Vitamin B Complex if one or more of these vitamins are required over an extended period of time. B vitamins participate in the metabolism of obtaining energy and in reducing fatigue and fatigue. They also contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system, normal intellectual performance and maintenance of good skin and hair, among other functions. The B-100 Vitamin Complex is the most potent B-vitamin product in the Lamberts Plus range. Like our B-50 Vitamin Complex, it provides all B vitamins in relevant and balanced amounts, including PABA, inositol and choline, three important nutrients not usually included in other B-complexes. It can be useful when needed Increase rapidly the consumption of B vitamins, either by very high requirements or by very deficit diets. In most situations, it should be used for short-term supplementation, usually about 2 months. Subsequently the Vitamin B-50 Complex or MultiEnergy would already provide adequate maintenance levels of B vitamins.

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