Best Protein Whey Concentrate 2000 gr Vanilla (Sport , Muscle mass , Proteins) dP0ElwQF

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Best Protein Whey Concentrate 2000 gr Vanilla (Sport , Muscle mass , Proteins) dP0ElwQF

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Product description Concentrated ultrafiltered whey protein mixed with micellar casein and calcium caseinate, to promote recovery progressively after demanding workouts, contribute to intracellular hydration and be able to face the next training with higher performance. WHEY CONCENTRATE is a protein supplement, since it contains more than 73% protein, free of lactose and gluten, so it is ideal for the intolerant and the most sensitive to these substances or, simply, to improve and promote digestibility. Its formula, enriched with glutamine (Kyowa Quality) contains: - Concentrated whey (WPC): It is the first protein that is obtained after processing the whey. Thanks to its effectiveness it maintains the properties of bioactive compounds in milk. - Micellar Casein (MPC): It has high concentrations of highly assimilable peptides and a good ratio of essential amino acids. The big difference lies in its slow absorption that allows amino acids to enter the bloodstream and reach the muscle progressively. In this way, not only do they intervene during the first hours of post-training, but they continue to do so during recovery, its duration being longer (6-7 hours). - Calcium caseinate: It is the protein obtained through the casein of skimmed milk. Calcium caseinate contributes solubility and higher protein value to recovery. In addition, its absorption is intermediate, so that the amino acids enter progressively (for longer) into the bloodstream. Benefits: - Promotes recovery progressively, after demanding workouts. - Contributes to intracellular hydration. - Allows you to face the next workout with greater performance. It stands out for its excellent absorption, its effectiveness and its great flavor (without added sugars).

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